4 Tips For Throwing A Dinner Party For Foodies

Posted on: 13 January 2016

Throwing a dinner party for friends can be a lot of fun, but when everyone that you know is a foodie it can also be a little bit stressful. When you and your friends appreciate great food, planning a menu, creating the perfect atmosphere, and preparing the food can take some time and consideration. Use the following tips to throw a great dinner party for a crowd of foodies:

Serve Poussin Chicken

Poussin chicken is a term for a chicken that is less than 28 days old when it is slaughtered; this type of chicken typically weighs between 16 and 26 ounces. These young chickens tend to be moist and succulent when roasted, which makes them perfect for a dinner party. Roasting poussin chicken is just as easy as roasting a regular chicken, but their small size makes it possible for each guest to have their own, which makes for a great presentation on the plate. It is not always easy to find poussin chicken in chain grocery stores-- you may have to visit a butcher or gourmet/specialty food market to buy poussin chicken.

Offer A Variety Of Appetizers

Appetizers are a great way to offer a number of delicious tastes in small form for your guests to enjoy without filling them up before the main entree. Consider both warm and cold appetizers, and try to prep as much of the ingredients as you can in advance so you're not stuck in the kitchen making appetizers when your guests arrive. When it comes to choosing appetizers for your dinner party, focus on fresh ingredients that are in season for the best taste.

Have A Plan For Cocktails

Many people enjoy sipping a cocktail during dinner parties, so it is important to have a variety of drinks on hand to suit everyone's tastes. Purchase a couple of types of craft beers, a good red wine, and a good white wine. If your budget permits, you may also want to offer liquors, such as vodka, rum, and gin, with a variety of mixers. If you want to save a little bit of money in the liquor department, consider offering your friends the option of a signature cocktail for the evening that you can prepare in advance.

Wow Your Guests With Dessert

Dessert is the perfect ending to any meal, and when you're dining with foodies you want to make sure that your dessert is impressive. Consider serving a chocolate torte with raspberry sauce, a classic creme brulee, a caramel pear terrine, or a rich dark chocolate mousse with fresh berries.