4 Easy And Delicious Treats You Can Make Using Dulce De Leche

Posted on: 25 March 2020

Dulce de leche has an appearance and taste much like caramel. It has a sweet flavor commonly found in tasty desserts to add more flavor. Unlike caramel, it contains some sweetened milk, which gives the dulce de leche a thinner consistency. If you love the taste of this confection, you may want to know some of the many ways you can use it after purchasing it from a retailer. You can get as creative as you would like when preparing treats with dulce de leche.

Add It to Your Favorite Cheesecake Recipe

If you already have a cheesecake recipe that you like to follow, you can enhance its flavor by using dulce de leche as an added ingredient. You can add two or three tablespoons of the dulce de leche to the mixture of cream cheese, heavy cream, and sugar. Along with blending it right into the cheesecake, you can warm it up and drizzle it on top of each cheesecake slice to give your dessert even more flavor.

Prepare Dulce de Leche French Toast With Fruit

Do you like making French toast? If so, add some dulce de leche to your egg, milk, and cinnamon wash. Dip your bread into the wash and cook the French toast in a pan on the stove like you normally would. When it is cooked and ready, add powdered sugar, fruit slices, and a drizzle of dulce de leche on top. You can skip the syrup because the dulce de leche topping gives your French toast all the extra flavor it needs.

Use It to Add Flavor to a Boxed Vanilla Cake Mix

If you want to make a quick boxed vanilla cake, but you want it to taste even better, add three tablespoons of dulce de leche to the cake mix while you are adding in the water, eggs, and oil. It will make the cake moist while giving it an added sweet touch. You can use dulce de leche as the topping on the cake instead of using traditional frosting.

Use It on Fresh Fruit

Slice up some of your favorite fruits, such as bananas, peeled apples, and strawberries. Place the fruit in the fridge to allow it to get cold. Heat your dulce de leche and then drizzle it on top of the fruit. Sprinkle a bit of shredded coconut or miniature chocolate chips and enjoy a flavorful snack.

While there are hundreds of ways to prepare tasty treats with dulce de leche, these are easy and delicious treats that you can make using this sweet ingredient. If you are buying dulce de leche retail, you can stock up on it and have it in your pantry to use when you want to prepare these and other recipes.