How Can Your Cafe Or Restaurant Benefit From Wholesale Gelato?

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Gelato is a frozen dessert made from milk, sugar, and other flavorings. Like ice cream, it can be made in a variety of different flavors. Gelato is made using special equipment that churns the base during the freezing process to prevent hard ice crystals. Fortunately, you can purchase gelato from a wholesale distributor for use in your foodservice establishment. Here are four ways your restaurant or cafe can benefit from investing in wholesale gelato:

1. Expand your dessert menu.

Every restaurant and cafe needs a good dessert menu. Offering sweet treats can increase your revenue since many customers can be tempted into dessert after finishing a good meal. In order to make the greatest number of sales, you'll need to have diverse options. Gelato is an excellent addition to any dessert menu. Ice cream is a favorite treat for many people, and the rich, creamy flavors of gelato are like no other. Gelato is easy to store, so you can offer several flavors of gelato by purchasing a small freezer or utilizing the freezer you already own.

2. Offer delicious treats like affogato.

Gelato is delicious when eaten alone, but it can be incorporated into more elaborate dishes as well. Affogato is a delectable Italian treat. It's traditionally made with a scoop of vanilla gelato, which is placed in a small coffee cup. A double shot of hot, fresh espresso is brewed directly over the gelato, and the drink is served immediately. Your customers will love the blend of textures, flavors, and temperatures found in a classic affogato.

3. Cater to children.

Kids tend to have picky palates. Most children are sensitive to strong flavors and haven't get developed the ability to appreciate bitterness or spiciness. However, many parents enjoy bringing their children to restaurants and cafes. If you want to create a family-friendly atmosphere, you must remember to cater to children's tastes as well. Kids love ice cream, and gelato is very similar. Including a few kid-friendly flavors of gelato on the menu, such as vanilla and chocolate, can ensure that even your smallest customers are pleased.

4. Craft delicious smoothies.

Many people enjoy smoothies as a meal substitute or a snack. Smoothies are traditionally made with a base of fresh fruit, but they can be enhanced with the addition of gelato. You can make irresistible smoothies for your customers using fruit-flavored gelato as an ingredient. Try classic flavors such as strawberry gelato or get exotic with flavors like mango and peach.

Contact a company that offers wholesale gelato for more information.