Natural And Herbal Cosmetic Items To Look For At An African Store

Posted on: 8 December 2021

Every culture and region has its own cosmetic trends. This is as true of Africa as it is of anywhere else. In Africa, people often turn to a lot of natural and herbal substances for their cosmetic needs. If you have an African store in your area, you might be able to find some of the following traditional, herbal, African cosmetic items there.

Qasil Powder

Qasil is a green herb native to Somalia that is often used topically to treat skin conditions. In an African store, you may find qasil powder, which comes in a jar or tub for easy use. You can mix a little of the powder with some water to make a paste that you can put on acne and other blemishes in order to help them heal. Qasil powder can also help ease the appearance of dark spots due to aging. Some people even like to apply it to their scalp. It will add luster to your hair and make it stronger.

Karkar Oil

Karkar oil is another good herbal remedy to look for at the African store. It's actually a blend of various essential oils including clove and licorice. It is commonly used on the hair and is said to help the hair grow healthy and strong. Any karkar oil you buy at an African store should come with instructions. They'll likely tell you to heat the oil in a saucepan just until it is warm, and then put it on your scalp for a certain period of time before washing it away.

Castor Oil Products

Castor oil is used in many cultures, but it is especially common in the cosmetics sold and used in Africa. It is a very moisturizing oil that, at the same time, does not irritate the skin or clog pores. At an African store, you will probably find moisturizers, foot soaks, and even hair oils made with castor oil. You may even see some all-in-one castor oil products that you can use on your face, hair, and body.

Sea Moss Products

Sea moss is, as the name suggests, a type of moss that grows in the ocean. It is commonly harvested and used in Africa to make face masks, foot soaks, and even supplements that you can consume for improved health. At an African store, you may find both food products and cosmetics made with this ingredient. It is known for its natural, anti-bacterial properties.

The next time you visit an African store, make sure you visit the cosmetics section. You now have a better idea of what you're likely to find. Contact an African store to learn more.