• How To Make Vegan Chocolate Truffles

    Finding vegan chocolate is not too difficult these days. Even some brands of chocolate chips are making their products vegan by default. What can be harder, though, is finding vegan chocolate truffles. Since truffles are generally made with milk, cream, and butter, ordinary truffles are never vegan, and there are not that many vegan ones to choose from on store shelves. If you come across some vegan chocolate truffles, definitely give them a try.
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  • How Can Your Cafe Or Restaurant Benefit From Wholesale Gelato?

    Gelato is a frozen dessert made from milk, sugar, and other flavorings. Like ice cream, it can be made in a variety of different flavors. Gelato is made using special equipment that churns the base during the freezing process to prevent hard ice crystals. Fortunately, you can purchase gelato from a wholesale distributor for use in your foodservice establishment. Here are four ways your restaurant or cafe can benefit from investing in wholesale gelato:
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