Money Saving Egg Baking Tip: Freezing The Whites For Storage

Posted on: 24 March 2016

Eggs are a delicious and necessary baking item, but eating too many can be a hazard to your cholesterol. However, you can separate egg whites from the yolk and use the whites for a low-calorie and low-cholesterol alternative to whole eggs. Also, freezing egg whites you don't use in an immediate baking project can help ensure you have some available for a later baking project. Thankfully, freezing, storing, and thawing egg whites is a pretty simple process.

Separating Whites From Yolks

There are multiple ways that you can separate egg yolks from whites. One of the easiest requires nothing more than a small empty water bottle. Start by cleaning the water bottle out using disinfectant soap and carefully rinsing out the bottle. This helps prevent germs from touching your egg yolks and whites. Also wash and rinse two small bowls.

Crack an egg into one of the bowls and squeeze the bottle lightly. Don't squeeze it so hard that it crunches as the plastic bounce back is necessary for this process. Place the neck of the bottle over the egg yolk and release your pressure on the bottle.

The egg yolk should get sucked up into the bottle and leave the egg whites in the bottom of the bowl. Pour the yolk into the second bowl and repeat with a new egg using the original bowl to separate your yolks into one bowl and your whites into a second.

Storing In Freezer-Appropriate Container

After separating the whites and the yolk, you need to find an appropriate storage container in which you can freeze your whites. Some people prefer to put them in ice trays, but this will expose them to the frost of your freezer, which may lead to freezer burn.

Instead, you should store them in a sealed plastic container. You can also seal the container in plastic wrap or a sealed plastic bag to keep out moisture. If you are interested in freezing the yolks in a separate container rather than wasting them, make sure to mix them with a teaspoon of sugar per each yolk to prevent protein loss.

Thawing Egg Whites To Reuse

When you want to use your frozen egg whites for baking, simply remove the plastic container from the fridge at the beginning in the morning and leave it in the sink. During this time, the egg whites will thaw out and will be ready to use. However, if you are worried about them going bad while you're at work, place the container in the fridge. Here, they will thaw out more slowly without going bad.

Even chilled from the fridge, thawed egg whites should be ready to use in any baking project. So utilize this simple freezing method to have healthy egg whites for months to come.