Nutritional Details To Compare When You Shop For Beef Jerky

Posted on: 29 August 2023

A bag of beef jerky makes a handy snack in all sorts of scenarios. It can help to avoid hunger during a long drive or prevent you from snacking on something unhealthy during the workday or while you watch a sporting event on TV at home. When you visit a retailer that carries a large supply of this snack food, you'll see all sorts of different flavors. While you'll want to browse the flavor options before you choose your product, it's also a good idea to note the nutritional details of several beef jerky products. This information can vary between bags, so pay attention to these details in particular.


One of the things that makes beef jerky a good snack is the high level of protein it offers. Many other snack foods contain little to no protein, which won't leave you feeling full for very long. It's worthwhile to check a few packages of beef jerky that appeal to you to determine how much protein they offer per serving. The more protein per serving, the fuller you'll feel. Those who buy beef jerky for a protein-rich snack after a workout, in particular, will want to choose a product that offers as much protein as possible.


You'll also want to check the sodium level of a few beef jerky packages. This is a value that can vary a lot between products. Some beef jerky products are specifically labeled as having a low amount of sodium per serving, which can be ideal for those who are monitoring their daily intake of sodium. Given that sodium helps to enhance flavor, you might wish to look for a product that has a little more sodium if you really want each bite to be as flavorful as possible.


Finally, you should also assess the sugar per serving of two or more beef jerky products that you're thinking about buying. There are many products that are low in sugar, which can be a good choice for anyone who attempts to keep their daily sugar intake on the lower side. Certain jerky products have sweet flavor notes, thanks to ingredients such as honey and fruit puree. These flavors can contain slightly more sugar, but this may not be an issue for some people. Remember to check out these nutritional details when you're browsing a few different bags of beef jerky at your local food shop. 

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